Ghanaian Real Estate Co.


The company is a general goods importer that supplies the same to the expatriate community as well as the local Ghanaian market at very competitive prices.With the trust and consistency built over the years in handling its business and delivering what the local populace, government and expatriate communities in Tema wanted, its collective efforts and trustworthy results were noticed and hence other expatriate communities across Ghana begun to rely on it to supply a majority of their needs such as vegetables, specialised groceries and teas, and several other necessities. Having worked over the years to at least bridge this in the aspect of supplying some of their basic necessities has come to a decision to seek investments in order to expand its present operations to be able to provide a 5,500 sqm multi-purpose supermarket alongside electronics, furniture and clothing, Chinese restaurants, Hotel and Short-stay apartments.

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Posted By Dhaxle Owner from 2023-01-13 am31 07:33

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