Combating the scams from Nigeria and How Dhaxle can use Nigeria’s Creativity to Help


Cybercrimes happen to be an international issue, and all countries are concerned about this phenomenon. This term is generally used to describe illegal activities occurring on the internet (Olowu, 2009). A more detailed definition has been given by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). According to them, cybercrimes span across a diverse range of scenarios, including crimes against children, theft of intellectual residences and publications, and intentional dissemination of malware to commit national and international internet fraud (FBI, 2010).

This phenomenon is on the rise in Africa. Some explain it is due to the effects of the increasing social capital of African economies, which, in turn, takes the form of a colossal use of deception. In many African countries, crime, corruption, social engineering, commercial enterprise fraud, and financial deceptions now influence commercial enterprise activities. Also, they dominate the mode of conducting economic transactions (Bayart Jean-François, 1999).

One of the first illicit economic problems in Africa, particularly Nigeria, was the issue of scams. A scam can be defined as deception of individuals who voluntarily choose to participate in a trade on the promise of receiving goods, intangible benefits, services, or economic returns that will not be provided or are grossly misrepresented (Pouryousefi & Frooman, 2019). A scam could take the form of emails, products, or services that illicit individuals pose to offer. It is always difficult to track individuals that perpetuate these illegal acts since most of their victims are ashamed to complain. In the past few years, many African countries have been pointed out by western countries as being hotbeds for dangerous scammers: Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin, Cameroon, and others.

In the list above, the worse cases of scams have been seen in Nigeria. This problem harms Nigeria as a country and its economy, jeopardizing the country's image and fretting foreign investors from settling. For example, Nigeria stays on the outer edge of a unique worldwide revolution, due to the cybercrimes rampant in the country. International service vendors such as Amazon, Spotify, and PayPal are cautious to operate there, even though Nigeria has 200 million people that may require their services (OLOWOREKENDE, 2019).

In order to combat the scams from Nigeria, it is essential that we first outline the causes of these scams.
§  High unemployment rate
§  Poor leadership
§  High level of corruption
§  Poor social amenities and development
§  High poverty rate
§  Laziness among youths

   How to Fight Scams From Nigeria?

Nobody comes into this world as a criminal, but society does change our mentality. It is essential to understand the reasons why someone will get involved in these illegal activities, as well as what the mindset of scammers is, mostly called the “yahoo boy” so we can fight back against this phenomenon.
Scam origins in Nigeria originate back in the 1980s, when crude oil price crumbled. Shehu Shagari’s administration oversaw a lengthy period of economic decline that caused a spike in unemployment, and a billowing poverty problem that kick-started the postal fraud era.

Even if Nigeria is now the Africa's largest economy, the unemployment rate is still high, at 23.1% (Statistics, 2018). The high unemployment rate in Nigeria is caused by rapid population growth in combination with rural-urban migration. Furthermore, the corruption and misuse of national funds which could have helped in job creations (Uddin & Uddin, 2013). Additionally, a low standard of education, where most Nigerian graduates are unemployed because their courses did not allow them to acquire practical skills (Olawale, 2018).
Highlighted below are ways to combat scam from Nigeria.

1.      The political leaders in Nigeria should represent the people's interest rather than their selfish desires by fighting corruption, making basic amenities available, and improving its power sector. This will all help build a better future for its citizens that will turn them away from being involved in scams.

2.      The issue of unemployment should be tackled seriously, as this is the primary reason its youth engage in scam activities. That can be achieved by creating more job initiatives and entrepreneurship seminars for its citizens, encouraging them to start-up their own businesses, rather than relying on companies and the government for employment.

3.      The Nigerian educational system should be adjusted. Particular attention should be put on technical or professional and entrepreneurial fields, to build not only a literate population, but also a professional and active one.

Ways in Which Scams Have Affected the Money Transfer Services in Nigeria

The money transfer sector has, over time, played an enormous role in the vast population in Nigeria, as a number of its citizens use online transfer services for different purposes. However, due to the scam activities popular among Nigerians, transfer agencies available in the country have proven, over time, that they can’t be trusted by individuals who make use of their services. Even the most prominent transfer agencies in the country, like MoneyGram and Western Union, have failed in their database security and management ethics. Most of their staff works hand-in-hand with the perpetrators of these scam activities.

Typically, it is very difficult for you to reverse or track a transaction that has a receipt where it can be picked up from one of many locations. Furthermore, the poor customer service will be unhelpful, making it impossible to identify the receipt or track an individual down. So, even Nigerians themselves who are immigrants are aware of these scam activities in their country, as most of them as retorted in making use of indigenous means of sending money back home. They either give money to a relative traveling back home or make use of one-on-one transactions. This leads to the question, what other alternative do Nigerians have? 

What Makes Dhaxle Significantly Different?

Dhaxle provides an exceptional transfer solution that is safe and convenient no matter where you are located. Of course, we more than a money transfer operator, bringing more value to your transfer through our four categories of value-added services.

§  Real Estate & Property Management
§  Farms & Agra-business
§  Small Business
§  Kitty Savings for Investments

Our reliable database is handled by the best professionals to mitigate any unforeseen circumstances, giving you assurance that your transaction is in the best hands from start to finish, with a supportive and top customer service satisfaction.

Dhaxle Using Nigeria creativity to Build a Better Future Together

Irrespective of the scam activities taking a toll on the image and economy of the country, Nigerians have, over time, proven to be creative and productive, even with the meager resources and services within their grasp. This is astounding for a nation that has over 200 million people. Many of its citizens are active in agriculture, commerce, real estate and property management, small business, and other sectors. However, due to the challenges they face, they are cautious about scaling out their business globally. This is why Dhaxle has come to bridge that gap, through its highly vetted transfer technology, which is trusted by millions of individuals and businesses worldwide.

Dhaxle, being exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable with transfer technology, feels Nigerians will stand to gain a great deal from their value-adding services attached to their online transfer service. This will extensively help to build a better future for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and immigrants, complementing Nigeria’s creativity in agriculture, commerce, small business, real estate and property management.

Encourage Personal Initiative

Dhaxle is already playing a significant role in facilitating cash flowing from abroad to Nigeria and vice versa, as well as facilitating diaspora investment in the country. It is now taking into account people who do not have relatives abroad, or capital, but have great ideas. Dhaxle can organize entrepreneurship competition, whose winner will have the opportunity to open fundraising through the Dhaxle platform and acquire investors. Nigeria will benefit from new job creation, which will lead to improved living standards in Nigeria, reducing the criminality rate.  On the other hand, the diaspora will also benefit from investment portfolio diversification.

Also, for any initiative that Dhaxle may have, such as design changing, website changing, and marketing strategy changing, there will always be organized contests, to give opportunities to others to express themselves.
A.    Train Students

In a study by Aboluwodi (2008), some students thought the lecture method the teacher often used did not promote innovative skills. As a result, Dhaxle, with extensive expertise in this area, can organize open-door meetings in universities or high school to explain the practice side of his activities. He can go far by proposing holiday or professional internships for the best students. This will encourage participation in training for a professional and active population. This adds to the fact that it will also encourage other young students to work hard and have better role models.

B.     Encourage E-Commerce

They are several small businesses in Nigeria who want to go abroad and reach a wider target. However, online payment platforms like PayPal are not accessible to them. Dhaxle provides an affordable rate for Nigerian small businesses and entrepreneurs to allow them to increase their scale.
Final Thoughts

Scams and other illicit activities in Nigeria are caused by poor management, unequal resource distribution, and poor leadership. It should be kept in mind that scammers represent a small proportion of the Nigerian population, and all Nigerians should participate in eradicating this phenomenon from its political system. Parents and educators should educate the youth, while role models and media should promote better values.
The best potential for a thriving Nigeria is its population, which is young and creative. In this same way, Dhaxle has a reputable company that provides a platform encouraging wealth creation in the lives of Nigerians through the value-adding services attached to its transfer technology. This provides you with the best resources internationally and locally that will help to build a better future, together.


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