Why are remittances toxic to senders and receivers ?

Poor utilization of resources, distrust and inneficient reporting system.

Why is Dhaxle better?

Low risk

Risk mitigation, Trust and Value co-creation with customers.

Low cost

Proprietary technology reduces costs.

Security Encription

Security : Encryption with 2 steps authentication kit before every transaction.

The problem

The problem

  1. Poor planning and allocation of resources by senders.
  2. Distrust for previous losses and overwhelming expectations from receivers.
  3. Challenges for effective supervision, coaching, monitoring and reporting system.

A research conducted by Pew Hispanic Center (PHC) and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) unveils that in Mexico only 1% of remittances was used for investment while 78% served for household expenses.

A survey ran globally by Dhaxle in July-August 2019 towards the migrant communities showed the recurrent pains linked to money transfer as : frequent requests (90%), and overwhelming expectations (90%), cost and reliability of the system (50%).

Our solution

Dhaxle’s global survey of July-August 2019 revealed that 85% of money senders wish to empower receivers to avoid multiple requests, 42% used them or aim to use them as an alternative retirement plan while 70% wish to use them to build their own financial sustainability. Therefore our solutions are a user-friendly tech platform for money transfer and co-creation of value adding services to leverage resources, mitigate risk, build trust, monitor and coach beneficiaries:

An integrated user friendly proprietary platform for money transfer (Apps, Website, Agents) including a dynamic supervision, monitoring and real time reporting system

A global network of licensed service providers committed to enable the optimal local realization of planned value adding projects and activities.

Co-creation of asset building opportunities with prime-age migrant workers combined with coaching of the beneficiaries.